What do we have to offer, you ask?
  • We have YouTube videos to enjoy
  • Drawing contests hosted just about every month
  • We have information about a topic on Bulbapedia known as Project Shipping
  • We have news about Pokémon, such as new pokémon that are released along with mega evolutions
  • We have game music for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and The Legend of Zelda
  • We have a trivia section about Pokémon
  • Available on the Dropbox is our app for getting the most recent news about Pokémon
  • FanFiction
  • We have Yu-Gi-Oh news too

Here is what we will have to offer in the future...
  • App will have a pokédex feature
  • Site will include a few games
  • More FanFiction
  • A discussion on funny things we all ignored in Pokémon
  • A full blown section on The Legend of Zelda to include game tips and other stuff
  • A page to talk about Pokémon Showdown
  • A page dedicated to people who don't know about Pokémon in an order to inspire them about this amazing phenomenon
We are still working out the kinks and adding content, but we are doing so everyday, so keep coming back!

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